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Bridging the gap between creativity and technology

A master craftsman in photography, filmmaking, and art direction based in the vibrant city of Riihimäki. JP stands at the intersection of creativity and technical prowess, offering a spectrum of services that span from the intricacy of small graphic designs and intimate photo shoots to the grandeur of commercial films and comprehensive brand creation.

JP’s philosophy transcends the mere creation of visually appealing designs; it is about crafting solutions that elevate your business, making it more valuable. He champions the concept of ‘reusable marketing material,’ a testament to his commitment to maximizing the utility and reach of every piece of content created, ensuring it serves your business in manifold ways.

Let’s collaborate to build something meaningful. For cooperations please reach out me via phone or email.


Stories etched in faces are sought through my lens, with the raw emotions and unique essence of each individual being captured in a single, defining shot.


The magic of your special day is immortalized, with moments of joy, love, and the beautiful promise of a lifetime being woven together in a timeless wedding narrative.


The untouched beauty of the wild is explored. You are brought closer to the serene landscapes and vibrant wildlife that adorn our planet by the nature collection.


Navigate through the lights and shadows. Urban gallery captures the dynamic energy, architecture, and the lifeblood of cityscapes around the globe.


Relive the highlights and the hidden gems. From small events to music festivals, Encapsulate the spirit and excitement of each occasion.


Visual stories that resonate with your audience are crafted, elevating your brand with compelling imagery that speaks volumes and leaves a lasting impression.

Let's collaborate!

Feel free to contact me via email and let's capture the moments